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Geetaa Mera Naam

The character of the high-kicking female badass was fairly commonplace in Asian cinema by 1974. But in Bollywood, not so much. The 1974 film Geetaa Mera Naam puts just such a character front and center, talking tough, sticking it to the man, and dealing out whoopass to all comers without a thought of depending on male chivalry for her fortunes.

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Dharam-Veer is a movie designed to thrill. In addition to the thrill of watching its spectacular musical numbers and beautiful stars, there is the singular thrill that comes from seeing combinations of color and fabric that will likely never be repeated in human history.

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Mr. India

Despite this pedigree, not to mention its commercial success, Mr. India still comes down on the slightly wilder and trashier side of Bollywood cinema. Still, just as one needs to seek balance in their overall cinematic diet, one’s experience of Bollywood can’t be all Guru Dutt and Mother India.

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