So Sooner Comes the Trying:
An Interview with Jem Cohen

Sometime in the year 2000, I went to NYU’s Cantor Film Center for a screening of Instrument, a documentary about the band Fugazi, by indie filmmaker Jem Cohen. This interview was conducted via a few email exchanges.

Booo-zy Tales of Monsters

The world is a dangerous place full of fantastic creatures waiting to eat your liver or drink your organs. This year, Boo-oozy Tales pays tribute to some of the most chilling creatures from international folklore.

Booo-zy Tales of a Traveler

Saddle up your horse, arm yourself with a tot of rum and a charm against curses, and join us as we take a ride across the covered bridge into haunted Tarrytown for another evening of booo-zy tales.

Fragments: The Pastry War

In 1838, France invaded Mexico because a French pastry chef by the name of Remontel, who was working in Mexico City, had his shop ruined by Mexican soldiers.


Le Ore Che Contano

10 (ish) Servings of Continental Lounge to Accompany a Vigorous Session of Amore…because sometimes, you find yourself slipping out of your shoulder holster, pouring two glasses of champagne, and lying an elegantly-attired other down on the carpet in front of the fireplace.


Night of the Booo-zy Tales

Now that we’ve imbibed with some of the most famous tipsy specters of the world, we’ve decided to present you with six authors with tales of horror honored by six libations.

More Macabre Tales

Don your novelty cloak and top hat and join me as we visit voodoo queens, gangland massacres, Edgar Allan Poe, and a ghostly garrison in the wilds of northern New York.


Beijing to Brazil

No matter how grim the suffering, Peter Fleming could never manage to be anything other than affably self-effacing, dwelling with humorous light-heartedness on his own shortcomings.

A Little Song and Dance

I often forget that I worked at Atlantic Records. It was a bizarre position. Every day, I wasn’t sure I still worked there. Fifteen years later, I’m not sure I ever officially quit.

Terrifying Tales of Macabre Manhattan

New York’s brownstones and Revolutionary War mansions, our cobblestone streets, and our occasional nightmarish gambrel rooftops host a number of spooks and specters, many of them famous in life, some famous only in death.