B-Masters Cabal Roundtables

The B-Masters Cabal is one of the oldest confederations of cult film review and commentary sites on the web. Every few months, we get together for a roundtable revolving around a shared a theme. Many of these roundtables were done before the transition from Teleport City to Mezzanotte. Eventually, I’ll have them all listed here, but for now, we’re concentrating mostly on the ones completed by/for Mezzanotte.

No, Not That One (Feb. 2017)

Dedicated to films that share a title with another, more famous film

I Spit On Your Grave

Director Michel Gast might have been shooting for importance and film noir artistry, but he came up with pure AIP juvenile delinquent film silliness with an odd strain of social awareness which, because of the way it’s handled, transforms into cheap exploitation.

Invisible Man

Eiji Tsuburaya returns from Invisible Man Appears to do the special effects for this film, but they are, as noted, very few and far between. We eventually get the requisite undressing scene and some floating objects and, of course, the invisible man playing a few bars of a piano and having his footprints appear in sand, but that’s about it.