Every two months, Mezzanotte will be spotlighting a different theme, exploring the movies, music, literature, and lifestyle associated with it. You can find a catalogue of each theme here.

Il Fait PEUR!

This series examines the early days of crime and horror serials, from Edison Studio’s groundbreaking 1910 adaptation of Frankenstein and their pioneering adventure serial What Happened to Mary, to the backstreets and rooftops of Paris, where director Louis Feuillade unleashed an army of hooded cutthroats and madmen in his landmark films Fantomas and Les Vampires.

Black Gloves, Red Blood

February is a month for romance, what with Valentine’s Day and all. It’s also usually the iciest and coldest month of the year. So in honor of that duality, we’re dedicating the month (and the next) to the giallo movie, that bizarre mix of violence, horror, crime, and sex perpetrated by and upon people who seem to possess something like human emotions without having actual human emotions.

Invisible Man in Japan

Although Gojira is often cited as Japan’s first science fiction film, it turns out that a modest little thriller banking on the popularity of the old Universal Invisible Man was first out of the gate. It was followed by two more invisible man films, including one in which the invisible man fights a tiny flying hitman.